Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems

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"Erotic poetry that evokes feelings of joy, happiness, and an overall celebration of the arts of physical and romantic love." - KIRKUS REVIEW

"Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems" is an example of extraordinary storytelling in the form of erotic love poetry, speaking directly to the reader's heart through sensations that course throughout the body.

This powerful collection of erotic and sensual love poems celebrates the erotic spirit in all its forms -- from intense, passionate sexual desire to seductive victory.

There are love poems for every mood and sentimental feeling, for every phase of love you are experiencing whether you are with a partner or not. Read it slowly. Read a poem at a time, or two, or all at once but give it time to sink into your heart. Read them again. Visualize. Let the poem show you what may be lying dormant in your own heart.

Any poetry lover who enjoys symbolism, storytelling and musing over profound verses will find this book very touching. No matter which phase of love you are growing in currently, this book will serve to sail you further towards the endless ocean of love.

"The book was as good a collection of modern erotic poems (by a single author) as may be found." - PoemShape

"You will feel something when you read this book. This [book] belongs to the author, [but] also to me, you and everyone." - MyBookShelfIsYours

"Highly Recommended." - KHouse

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