Tree of Life Healing Yoga Mala Peace Bracelet

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Tree of Life Healing Yoga Mala Peace Bracelet

The Tree of Life is said to bring "wisdom & calmness". Their branches reach high into the heaven and their roots dig deep into the earth, yet all are woven together signifying the connection between all things in the heavens and on earth. 

This Turquoise Tree of Life bracelets (set of two) is made from eco-friendly beads. Wear this healing bracelet right on your wrist and feel the positive vibes radiating through you.

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Product Features 

Item Type: Set of two bracelets

Product Type: Handmade Hand Accessory

Material: Beads, Weave Thread

Gender: Women

Design: Fashion, Spiritual

Occasion: Casual, Gift, Party, Travel

Brand: The Art of Travel

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