Best Compass For Camping, Traveling, Outdoors

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Best Compass For Camping & Traveling - Military Grade Outdoors Survival Gear

Every adventurer needs this beautiful and stylish camouflage pocket prismatic compass. It is durable and will always accurately guide you on your journey. The compass has a double display and additional features besides simply finding the direction. For example, this compass is also waterproof. This prismatic compass is must-have travel gear, for hikers, and outdoors enthusiasts.

100% Total & Complete Satisfaction, No Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Shop with Absolute & Complete Confidence that you're making a travel smart decision choosing the #1 Rated ORIGINAL "The Art of Travel" brand products.

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FOR SURVIVAL, CAMPING, & EMERGENCY SITUATIONS - This Real Military Compass is ideal for emergency, survival, and/or camping uses and is made specifically to handle the "life or death" situations & demands of guides, scouts, survivalists, and emergency rescue teams.
  • NEW MODEL INCLUDES FREE AWESOME NEW FEATURES BUILT-IN! - This is the last compass you'll ever need! Updated to include Rugged metal case, Adjustable luminous marching line, Thumb hold and magnifying viewer, Sighting hairline, Floating luminous dial, and Liquid filled for fast readability.
  • HEAVY-DUTY, RUGGED, & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - This professional-grade lensatic compass is super lightweight, comes in the conveniently folded size of 75x57x30mm, and built to the absolute highest standards to ensure it will be ready...when you need it. Don't trust any other brand.
  • ORIGINAL EMERGENCY & MILITARY GRADE EDITION - Rest assured, that your heavy-duty Military Compass from "Under Control Tactical" is the most full-featured in the market today & made to absorb years of serious use. Just like the professionals.

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